Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas
By Koel Chatterjee

As the most awaited season of the year approaches, most people will be left scratching their heads bald thinking about the best gifts to give to their loved ones. Though the online communities, social media sites, magazines and other sharing platforms are full of gift ideas and links to shopping portals, this year let us think out of the box and share a unique gift. Below are the ten ideas which are not quite run of the mill.

1. Concert tickets:  Almost everyone knows a music aficionado, who will be over the moon to receive tickets to a concert of their favourite artist. The experience of gifting an evening of their favourite music in a live concert will be more thoughtful than a random item on a shopping portal.

2. Film Festival passes:  This gift is obviously for the film fanatic for whom a film festival is a more happening place than a Las Vegas nightclub. Undoubtedly, a free pass to one of these festivals which keep happening around the globe (especially during this season) will be the best gift for movie buff. In a scenario where such a pass or festival is not accessible, gold-class tickets can be a good alternative.

3. Membership coupons:  To give a glimpse of the excitement of life outside the internet, one can gift membership coupons on Christmas to zoos, galleries, golf clubs, museums, sporting events and many more social interaction activities. An annual membership to an active season of a game is gifting an experience of watching the excitement unfold in front of your eyes, surrounded by other fans shouting at their favourite teams.

4. Adventure vouchers:  Adventure sports like sky-diving, cruising, bungee jumping, kayaking, hot air ballooning, deep sea diving, are not the things people do on a sudden whim. But a gift voucher of this kind of activities which will make them take time out of their hectic life and enjoy a rush of adrenalin will never go unappreciated.

5. Lessons and classes:  A shy cousin with a love for ballet, a friend with a fascination for horses, a middle-aged uncle with a penchant for cooking gourmet, a lot of people have one hobby or another they would like to develop, but never found enough time or enthusiasm for it. Short-duration classes and one-off sessions with experts are enough to revive these hobbies and they will remain thankful for the gesture.

6. Travel Vouchers:  Just like film fanatics and music fans, avid travellers who do not always manage to follow their passion due to cash crunch or some other reason will love vouchers to fuel their passion. Be it hotel vouchers, flight tickets or discount coupons in their favourite travel destinations, a travel-lover will never fail to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift.

7. Pamper sessions:  A personalised day with spa and salon sessions is a perfect gift for the ladies of the house who do not find enough time for pampering themselves. Rather than a piece of clothing or showpiece, this gesture will be remembered by them for its sentimentality.

8. Animal adoption:  This Christmas, instead of buying or gifting a dog on an impulse, which might get ignored after the holidays get over, it’s more thoughtful to adopt a stray one or better, donate to the adoption shelters for animals so that they can take care of these helpless creatures. Also, another friend can be helped to become a foster parent of an animal living in the shelters. For animal lovers, it can be a return gift for all the love that they receive from these mute beings.

9. Memory Keepers:  A personalised photo calendar, a memory jar, a collage of travel photos, a personalised book filled with favourite recipes are just some of the sentimental gifts one can gift a loved one, with a personal touch to it.

10. Donation to charity:  There are a number of good charitable organisations in every nook and corner of the world, who are working relentlessly to improve the lives of the lesser privileged ones. As Christmas happens to be a celebration of the goodness in people, it will be a fitting gift for this occasion to purchase or donate something for these organisations, either for a friend or for one’s own use.













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