Tokyo with love, What a romantic city


My love for you, my love so true
In Tokyo, I’m here with you

The city of lights, the city of dreams
In Tokyo, I’m at the seams

My heart is filled with such emotion
I know I’m in the right place, this is my devotion

The cherry blossoms in the air
And the way the neon lights flare

The love I have for you is strong
We can make it last so long

The streets of Tokyo, they shine so bright
The beauty of it fills me with delight

In this city, I can be free
It’s here I can express my love for thee

The way you look at me, it’s like no other
It’s like a magical spell, like a secret lover

We can go out, explore the night
And I can show you the Tokyo sight

The sky so blue, so beautiful and serene
It’s here we can find a love so pristine

The Tokyo night, it’s so alive
The atmosphere is full of desire and drive

The way you touch me, I can feel the flame
Your love for me, I can never tame

Your eyes they sparkle, like stars in the sky
And in your arms, I feel so alive

The way you kiss me, I’m in a trance
It’s like nothing I ever felt, this love by chance

We can stay out all night, just you and me
We can make our own memories, never to be forgotten

This city is our own, let’s make it our own
Let’s make it our own, forever and evermore

My love for you, it is so true
In Tokyo, I’m in love with you.

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