Title: Artificial Intelligence Centre for Excellence- A First in Patna

Bihar Entrepreneurs Association (BEA) makes a move in proposing to set up the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre for Excellence in Patna in the coming weeks. It is supposedly the first centre in East India and it is said to have associations with top executives from overseas. In the last six months BEA has prepared a blue print as the first step towards building an Artificial Intelligence Centre for Excellence.

Abhishek Singh, Secretary General of BEA said that Artificial Intelligence in its proper application can do wonders in various sectors like biopharmaceuticals, consumer products, education, services, media, medical devices retail, telecom, transportation, tourism and logistics sectors. He also said that as a goodwill gesture, the BEA would provide AI source code to the Bihari innovators, who could reap benefits from AI. To start with, the BEA planned four courses for a different target audience at throw-away prices.

Considering the role of the United States of America in the Global Market, he said that Bihar Entrepreneurs Association would channelize its resources also for the upskilling of new generation entrepreneurs.  The BEA-US Chapter had a clear role of bridging the geographical gap between India and the West. An IBM executive, Rakesh Ranjan from AI organization for IBM Hybrid Cloud along with some more masterminds came up with the idea of setting up the phenomenal centre.













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