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The Power of Lashana Lynch


Lashana Lynch stands tall as one of the most dynamic performers of her time. Her roles have embodied that of a soldier, superhero, action hero, teacher, track star, and more. Lynch’s natural talent is not easy to come by, but she has been comfortable in her discipline since her debut performance in 2012’s “Fast Girls.” In that film, Lynch’s Belle Newman strides into the story as a perfect connection between the two leads. Lynch’s trajectory is bound for Oscar nominations.

Lynch is a British-Jamaican actress and has played international roles; her most accredited acts in American film and TV have been in “Still Star-Crossed,” “Captain Marvel,” “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” and “The Woman King.”

Izogie, in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s “The Woman King,” is Lynch’s top performance. Igozie’s character is formed by Lynch’s ability to bring ancient stories to life, like a historical record keeper. Her sharp talents go beyond her character’s claw-like nails; she is fiercely spirited and gifted. The multidimensional power displayed by Lashana as Igozie is shown in her filmography. The Agojie soldier is stern and steadfast while being nurturing, humorous, and sisterly. Lynch’s vast oratorical skills allow her to speak soliloquies with ease. An orator goddess, she speaks with assurance and elegance across language nuances, like when Igozie tells a traumatic childhood story, or her final words in the film. Lynch possesses the ability to feed her castmates and evoke chemistry among them. She selflessly pours into the lead, Nawi, played by Thuso Mbedu, and her big energy does not clash amongst the strong cast. In “The Woman King,” the cast acts so harmoniously that every scene feels ancestral or given by a divine force. The striking action stunts of Lynch, which took the cast months to perfect, exhibit her ability to be badass amidst her other dynamic moments.

The fierce warrior in a dramatic, fast-paced action film is far from the role Lynch has as Miss Honey in the Broadway-musical-based fantasy “Matilda the Musical.” Lynch captures the tone with a performance that, even in a heightened fantasy, can pull tears from the audience’s eyes. She is sweetness personified. As a teacher, it is inspiring to watch her play such a visionary and classic role so gracefully. Lynch’s ability to create such inviting eyes is an act of hypnotism. Miss Honey, a teacher, pours sweet tunes into her students with a revolutionary spirit. Lynch can create the cadence and demeanor of your favorite elementary school teacher and make you fall in love with school. Her smooth singing voice in the musical caught me by surprise but will be heard again in her upcoming Paramount role as Cuban-Jamaican singer Rita Marley.

Lynch’s true identity as a British-Jamaican person is highlighted in her role as 007 in “No Time To Die.” Her character, Nomi, fits the cast comfortably and naturally, so much so that she takes off her wig at the top of her introduction, deconstructing the image of the perfect Bond Girl. As the race to prove their heroic endurance begins, Daniel Craig and Lynch show their abilities as former 007 and the current 007. Lynch has swagger, sex appeal, and killer action moves. Unlike her predecessor, Lynch’s 007 has no time for drinks but acts as the smart and sultry British soldier throughout the entirety of the film. “Do you know what time it is? Time to die” is the perfect sentiment of her immovable character.

Lynch has an uncanny ability to make aggression look classy and beautiful while single-handedly destroying bad guys. As Maria Rambeau in “Captain Marvel” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” she exemplifies how to garner the spirit of a superhero while also being humane and compatible with her castmates. Lynch plays a nurturing and model parent and is also a class act alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

In her film debut, Regan Hall’s “Fast Girls,” Lynch displays a level of comfort with her character beyond that of amateurs. The film first showcased her ability to collaborate with castmates and create conducive sets. She welcomes the lead character, a new member of the track team, The British film performance shows Lynch as a humorous and inclusive teammate, like her later roles as Igozie and Maria Rambeau.

Lashana Lynch has a distinct skill that transforms people through filmmaking and acting. She is an alluring talent that is being sought out. Lynch has the perfectly balanced ability to be the soft-girl era influencer while also earning prestigious awards for outstanding performances. Her roles as Miss Honey and 007 reflect her flower-like essence, whereas Igozie expresses the intricacies of her talent. I look forward to seeing more from Lynch’s ability to showcase stories of womanhood worldwide—a challenge not easily met without passion and a studious nature, which she displays effortlessly.

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