When Technology Meets Beauty
By Namrata Gulati Sapra

The new digital wave has transformed everything it has touched, including the world of beauty. As a result, more and more women are now trading their makeup kits for makeup apps that let them experiment with and curate various looks with the mere click of a button.

How Digi-makeup is turning the world around for women consumers

The number of makeup apps that women over the world are downloading onto their phones is increasing by the minute. And why not? Digi-makeup gives them considerable freedom to get a droolworthy look by allowing them the luxury of a quick makeover that will help grab more eyeballs and of course, likes and compliments on social media. If that isn’t reason enough (for the popularity of virtual makeup), this is- in the world of digi-makeup, the consumer is the absolute king, or in this case, the queen. She is spoilt for choice as she can pick from a number of apps inundating the market today. Besides, she can even choose her favourite palette of makeup from the various ones available to her in the comfort of her own home at any given hour after several rounds of trial and hit method. Doesn’t that make digi-make up quite the blessing that comes with all the advantages of a store minus all its inconveniences? In addition, there a number of filters available, so she can further perfect her appearance and also have fun while at it! Digi makeup is thereby empowering consumers like never before as women are now transforming how they look in real time in a jiffy from any corner of the world. on two conditions- one, they must own a smartphone, two, they must have internet connectivity, which seem to be limiting factors of the digital boom in beauty industry.

The upsides of this digital revolution far outweigh the aforementioned downsides. After all, digi-makeup can make women go from Plain Jane to Sassy Sandra without investing any effort that would otherwise go into uplifting one’s face through layers and layers of cosmetics that are not only steeply priced, but also loaded with chemicals known to cause cancer and other diseases.

Cut to the chase, digital makeup is nothing short of an affordable luxury served on a platter to women consumers in real-time space.

Beauty apps: fuelling insecurities and narcissism?

Yes, beauty apps enable you to put your best foot forward on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat and that makes them pretty harmless, right? Well, perhaps not. On one hand, these apps are upping your confidence level, but on the other, feeding stealthily off of your

self-esteem and insecurities. When you know you have the option to alter your appearance, you end up noticing the little flaws that define you. You begin to be repelled by them instead of embracing them gracefully. Consequently, your skin seems to be too dark or too white and your shoulders too narrow or too wide, your breasts too large or too small. In short, your self-worth and body image cannot but take a beating. In such a situation, editing apps seem to be a godsend and the only route to social validation. So much for so-called perfection!

How cosmetics brands are pushing the envelope in real-time

As an increasing number of women are growing comfortable with the idea of digital makeup, big brand names are beginning to capitalise on the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

High-end brand, L’Oréal recently introduced an app called ‘Make-up Genius’ that gives consumers a platform to try out their products virtually so they can make quicker decisions when they actually set out to buy them. The app relies on the technology of facial mapping so prospective consumers can test the cosmetics on their face. Other competitors in the beauty industry are following suit by launching apps that are pushing the boundaries of creativity more than ever. Naturally, the beauty and cosmetic industry is a thriving business that survives on innovation and witnesses cut throat competition. In such a scenario, catching up with the latest trends is the only option you have when you do not want to lag behind.

All said and done, consumers seem to be immensely enjoying a situation wherein retail competitors are constantly pushing the envelope to deliver something extraordinary in the day and age when editing apps and social media seem to be the norm. Such innovations flooding the market are indeed a win-win situation for consumers!

After all is said and done, the consumers must continue to reap the luscious fruit of this particular aspect of digital boom but also tread carefully in the addictive land of digi-makeup.













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