A 10-second Perspective Through Spectacles
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Snapchat has become a rage among teens and young adults alike, largely because of its most innovative feature – disappearing photos. The platform is also being used by various media houses to publish content in-app in an interactive manner.

Users can either take a photo or record a 10-second video and then send it to their friends. Snapchat allows its users to explore their creative side by offering a large variety of doodles, stickers and filters. The app is also widely used by professionals – including celebrities, artists and comedians – to share a glimpse of their daily life.

Snap Inc., the developer of Snapchat, has taken its original idea a step further by creating its very own Snapchat Spectacles. Created with a stylish round design and cameras on either side, the glossy spectacles are designed to easily capture images.

With an increase in the use of Snapchat by media houses and people alike, there is a need to reduce a user’s dependence on their smartphone. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible spectacles automatically adapt to a smartphone’s resolution, syncing all captured memories. Users will be able to live stream short videos and images during an event by simply tapping a button.

The spectacles, available in black, teal and coral, house an inbuilt battery as well as an LED indicator which lights up when recording. The spectacles can be charged while inside its case and can also be connected via cable. Although an instant hit, the $130 spectacles are hard to acquire because they are produced in limited quantities and sold exclusively through vending machines in the United States.













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