Smart Shoes: Taking Fitness to the Next Level
By Samra Taban

Wearable tracking technology is the biggest breakthrough in the world of gadgets right after the soaring success of smartphones and tablets. We are no stranger to the grave dependence we have on our phones, right from setting an alarm to making important bank transactions. Wearable tracking devices are phenomenal companions for the fitness freaks and sports practitioners. Although indirectly proportional, social media has driven us out of our couches. Fitness has slowly begun to integrate into our everyday lives.  The past few years have marked the incessant rise of activity trackers and smartwatches. Misfit, FitBit and Tomtom are some of the popular brands in wearable technology. Many other players in the world of technology expanded into wearable gadgets after having gauged its immense potential and popularity.

Wearable technology makes it easy for consumers to track their daily activity progress. They are perfect workout companions, giving you insights on your heart rate, the calories you burn, the number of steps you take and even the quality of your sleep. Once you get accustomed to a tracker, getting fit becomes natural. Smart shoes are the latest inclusion into the wearable technology zone. Integrated with artificial intelligence, smart shoes are an invention that’s creating quite a stir in the active world.

How does it help in fitness?

As the name suggests, wearable technology can be fashionably worn as a part of your outfit. But, it is a lot more than a funky pair of shoes or headphones. They function in a lot of ways that give you a comprehensive outline of your activity each day. The principle employs the use of sensors that track your every move. These devices can be linked to your other smart devices as well. The sedentary life we lead is a hazard in itself, let alone the diseases we are prone to. An active life prevents you from encountering any kind of health problems.

Smart shoes are tailored specifically keeping in mind each physical activity. Altra-IQ shoes are possibly the best running shoes. It provides real-time training and the users receive feedback on how to make their running more efficient based on the data that it reads. Digitsole smart shoes are another brilliant alternative. It is embedded with shock absorbers and the shoes automatically tighten based on the movement. Some brands incorporate temperature regulation. The GPS enabled in them also provides you with the best possible directions while running or walking. These fascinating shoes also have Bluetooth and its technology is compatible with both Android and iOS. Health analytics, convenient design, intelligent connectivity, pattern analysis and monitoring are some of the functionalities smart shoes possess.

Shoes are not just a fashion statement. They are capable of revolutionizing your fitness and direct it towards rapid progress. Good or bad, once you get used to smart technology, it is almost impossible to live without it. You can use its ‘intelligence’ to improve the quality of your lifestyle. It’s time to smarten your shoes! Now, that every aspect of our lives is intertwined with technology, why should our footwear be left behind?













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