Shape up your home with geometrical designs
By Dhanalakshmi R

From circle to hexagon, triangle to trapezoids, geometric patterns have always been a prominent aspect in construction and architecture. This bold and seemingly intimidating (for its gaudy and loud appearance) pattern has been used in interior designing as well and has become trendy in recent years. A room with semi-circular center table, rugs with black and white diamond prints, hexagonal wallpaper and triangular lanterns are definitely eye-catching. Top interior designing firms, builders and even the owners insist on adopting geometric patterns in designs to give a striking look.

Usage of geometric pattern in construction and interior designing is not something which has developed recently. The usage of them dates back to Greek and Moroccan period. There are evidences that geometric patterns have been used in construction and interior designing in households and monuments during 1900s. As the interior designing field evolved over the years and experimented with new patterns and figures the geometric designs had taken a backseat. But now it has made a comeback and designers have started to incorporate geometric shapes innovatively in furniture, décor, flooring and many more arenas.


Geometric shapes are blended into various parts and sections of the house, including staircases and shoe racks. Circular staircases have been popular for over a decade. Also, designers have come up with many staircases shaped into triangles, hexagons and squares. There are many advantages of shaping the staircases and racks in geometric shapes, one of the main being it is usually compact and requires less space.

Flooring and walls

Geometric wallpapers and tiles are big this season. Meera, an interior designing consultant says, “Clients look forward to have hexagons, circles, square and triangle prints on their wallpaper. Moreover, flooring and bathroom tiles come with radiant and bold geometric patterns which gives modern and flashy look to homes.” Geometric shapes are also printed on the tiles in a combination of specific colors and Victorian designs to provide a bright, vibrant and royal look to the house. Mosaic, tiles and wood are some of the materials used as a surface for geometric patterns.


Though furniture is all about comfort and convenience, some may prefer eye-catching and bold ones at their homes. Triangular shaped coffee table, circular sofas, pyramid-shaped shelves and hexagon shaped side tables are some of the furniture which are becoming immensely popular. These unique and bright colored furniture is matched with light painted walls to make it balanced by the designers. Luxdeco and Pearson are two international brands which has geometric shaped furniture.


Geometric shapes have been used in all the aspects of interior designing including lighting. Angular shaped table lamps, lights with hexagonal prisms, chandeliers and lanterns with geometric shaped frames are creating their own space in every household.

Altering furniture and home decor to have a geometrical theme is a unique style which is being followed by prominent designers today. Meera says, “adopting geometric shapes in home décor is a trend and many prefer it. Such style of design might not be suitable for all the households because the patterns may appear mind boggling for compact houses. Though, the theme would give an appealing look to the house, if handled properly and matched with the right shade of color.”  The shape of the furniture can be made in a circular shape or a complex one like trapezium or trapezoids.” However, many designers insist on not having all the furniture, decors and fixtures in geometric shapes because they might turn out be cluttered and overwhelming. Texture also plays a major role in interior designing and home décor. Right pattern must be used in suitable metal and wood.

“The trend of adopting geometric pattern in interior design took shape in the past decade. Earlier, clients used to prefer regular and fixed shapes for furniture. Nowadays they go for irregular and random shaped furniture and fixtures. One of the advantages of adopting geometric shapes is that it saves space and creates convenient and compact space in the kitchen.”, says an interior designer from Coronet Designs Private limited. He also says that psychologically, geometric patterns help to lift the mood as the furniture are usually made in dark shades and are matched with light colored walls. Also, he says that the wastage of such furniture and fixture is minimal than regular ones. The wastage for geometric shaped furniture is less than 10% while for regular furniture its 20%. “however, there are few limitations as well. The edges of these furniture are perfect and sharp that its accident prone.” He said.













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