Romantic Getaway for literature lovers on Valentine’s Day
By Namrata Gulati Sapra

There are several ways to usher the romantic day of Valentine’s Day, but one of the best ways to ring in the festival is by escaping the humdrum of the busy city life and take off to lands that remind you of Shakespeare’s love sonnets and all things poetry. Here’s a look at the top five destinations that make for a perfect getaway if you’re a literature lover.

Verona, Italy 

If you can’t keep yourself from quoting lines from world’s most romantic piece of literature, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Verona Italy must be a priority on your list of destinations for February 14. The city, after all, was the backdrop to the world’s greatest love saga. You may hire a tour guide who will take you provide exclusive insights into the story set in the city. Bring alive the Shakespearean in you by paying a visit to Juliet’s house (known as ‘Cappalletti’) and of course, her balcony, which witnessed moments of eternal hope between the star cross’d lovers.  A coveted good luck charm, Juliet’s statue beckons many lovebirds, who believe rubbing it can bring them good luck and love for keeps.

Paris, France  

If you’re a diehard fan of both literature and romance, you will know that Paris is synonymous with the two things that make the world go round. It is only natural then that the fashion capital of the world has also served as the landscape for some of the most romantic literary moments.  If contemporary literature tugs at your heartstrings, it is all the more a reason why you should pack your bags and catch the next flight to Paris. Prominent among them are the ones penned by international bestselling author in the genre of romance, Laura Florand.  Passion flows freely in her books, such as ‘The Chocolate Thief’ and ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. Besides, can anything be more romantic than viewing the Eifel Tower when the clock strikes twelve to welcome the Day of Valentine. And  if you’re planning to go down on your knees and propose, this is where you could do it. Can anyone refuse to be struck by Cupid’s arrow before the symbol of love?

London, United Kingdom

The bewitching landscape of London has led some of the best authors in history to pour out legendary words of romance. Sample this from Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’:

“If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.”

London has produced some of the greatest classics, such as ‘Middlemarch’, ‘Wuthering Heights’. You can also buy tickets to feast your senses on the Bard’s romantic literature at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, or enjoy classic romantic opera at the Royal Opera House.

Greece, Europe

If Greek mythology is your cup of tea, Greece has to be your cup of tea! Greece tells the intense tales of love between Orpheus and Eurydice and Alcyone and Ceyx that border on tragedy. When you’re exhausted basking at and shedding tears at their love stories, head out to Santorini to bask in the sight a glorious sunset or rediscover Athens or make merry at the sheer blue waters of Mykonos.

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