So real in so many ways : Surreal Illustrations, Eugene Invanov
By Uma Mahesh

Exploring surrealistic artists and illustrators of our time, we have Eugene Ivanov on the Leaderboard, with his vast and vivid repertoire that has captured the hearts and minds of many. Sought after, bought, used or collected, his portfolio is hugely popular and in great demand.

He portrays all elements of eccentric expressions and quirky techniques that came in with the surrealists of the 1920’s, in the wake of the World War, when people were frustrated, defiant and disinclined to appreciate conventional art forms.
Surreal art is beyond rules and definition. It has a mind and manifesto of its own, an accepted style perhaps, but is truly defiant of rules. It is free and honest. It is an expression of a creative soul through any media that is handy – word, art, word-art or art that speaks, shouts, and sings.

But who is Eugene Ivanov and what’s real about this surrealist?
Eugene Ivanov, an illustrator and vector artist, was born in Russia in 1966 and has, since 1998, lived and worked in Prague, the Czech Republic.

This young artist who was born in Tyumen, on the banks of the River Tura, famous as the first Russian settlement in Siberia, displayed a fondness and penchant for drawing and painting right from early childhood. Going with the demands of career and life options, he chose to qualify as an engineer, majoring in geo physics at the prestigious Tyumen Industrial Institute.
Eugene worked a geo physicist for a mere three years in the field of mineral oil geology before found his calling and set out to apply his skills and talent in art, design and advertising. However, interestingly enough, his innate mind of an engineer and geophysicist continued to manifest even in his art.

Art and science came together in his imagination creating evocative imagery. Cubism and Geophysics together fused together and gave us art that challenged the rules of nature. Ivanov’s Earth could take many shapes and its inhabitants, animate or inanimate, defy all earthy rules. Even gravity!

Since 1988 till date, Eugene Ivanov has mesmerized the world of art lovers with his captivating creations. Ivanov has close to 2000+ illustrations and art creations using multiple media and techniques such as oil, ink, and watercolors.
Eugene draws his inspiration from cubism that was a revolutionary style of modern art popularized by Pabla Picasso and his contemporaries. It is defined as “an early 20th-century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and, later, collage.”

A study of his diverse portfolio brings to the fore his keen interest in landscapes, nature, architecture and people. But of course, they conform only to his rules. They are sublime poetry of sorts and founded on his imagination. A vision that one could call a dream seated deep in his subconscious.

His dreamy artistry not only found expression in his collectible oil paintings and watercolors that are shown and sold internationally, he also enjoys expressing his dreams in illustrating books. He has more than 100 books to his credit, and counting. Ivanov has held solo exhibitions across the UK and Prague and has many awards and firsts to his credit. A young artist that is vastly popular, there is surely more that awaits his fans.













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