Please don’t judge me I love my body, I work so hard at the Gym everyday


Sheela was a modern girl living in a big city. She was ambitious, headstrong and confident. She wasn’t afraid to express her feelings and thoughts and was always open to learning new things. She had a great group of friends who supported her and she enjoyed going out and having fun with them. She never let anyone stop her from achieving her goals and was always pushing herself to be the best she could be. But there was one thing that Sheela struggled with and no one knew about it. She had a deep fear of being judged. She was scared that people would be critical of her decisions, her lifestyle and her ambitions. She had a few close friends who she could confide in, but she was too scared to open up to anyone else. She kept her feelings to herself and pretended that everything was okay, even though she was struggling inside.

One day, Sheela decided to make a change. She stopped caring about what other people thought and started to focus on loving herself. She stopped worrying about being judged and started to believe in herself and her dreams. Sheela slowly gained the courage to speak up and express her opinions, without fear of being judged. She was still scared, but she was finally starting to feel more confident in herself. She was still a modern girl living in a big city, but now she was a modern girl who was comfortable in her own skin and knew her worth. She had finally accepted herself, and no one could take that away from her.

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