Oculus Quest tops Virtual Reality market
Nausheen Shehnaz

Virtual reality headsets have been taking over the tech industry by a storm. With products like Oculus VR selling out on various retailing platforms, there’s a growing demand for the product in the market. Facebook Technologies, LLC also known as Oculus, is an American software company that specializes in virtual reality hardware and software. Their new Oculus Quest is the fourth consumer VR headset. Unlike the previous, Oculus Go, which is meant for stationary TV or movie viewing, the Quest is a gaming device and has a standalone design which doesn’t require it to connect to a PC or phone. The device uses dual hand controllers and is studded with four wide-angle tracking cameras. The device is equipped with the latest software like Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

All these features make the Oculus Quest hard to resist. Just a week after its release into the market, the headset sold out at Amazon, Walmart and Newegg. Newegg and Walmart announced that both the 64GB version and 128 GB was sold out. In an interview with Variety, a Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re so glad to see the excitement and interest in Oculus Quest. While some of our retail partners are temporarily out of stock online, we’re working to restore availability in all channels as soon as possible. That said, people can still buy Quest from Oculus.com and from many stores around the world.” The device has impacted the VR market as a whole. According to a report, demand for the product is more likely to go up during the holiday shopping season.














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