Lovely children, sweet and innocent


Innocence is a term used to describe the lack of guilt or wrongdoing that is often associated with children. Children are often seen as innocent because they have not yet been exposed to the complexities of the world and have not yet had the opportunity to make their own choices or engage in behaviors that may be considered harmful or wrong.

Innocence is often associated with a number of positive qualities, such as purity, trustworthiness, and a lack of cynicism. Children are often viewed as innocent because they have not yet experienced the disappointments, betrayals, and other negative experiences that can lead to the development of these qualities.

While children’s innocence is often seen as a positive trait, it is important to remember that children are also capable of making mistakes and learning from them. It is natural for children to learn and grow as they experience new things and make their own decisions, and this process can help them develop into compassionate, responsible adults.

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