iQ Comes out with Superfood – Healthy Chocolate
By Simran Oberoi

‘Healthy chocolate’ – two words that seem like an oxymoron! As children, most of us have have been restricted from binging on chocolates by our parents, because it was “unhealthy”. And it is most likely something that they themselves grew up hearing. So even today, when you think of chocolate, would you as a parent give it to your child every day? Or will a newly aware generation of fitness focused millennials even think of including it in their regular diet? No, on both accounts.

Chocolate or chocolate based products are thought of as decadent treat and not what you may choose for nutrition or wellness.

But today with additional information and research, we opened up our minds a little bit and different opinions were formed. So, you have the naysayers who believe that it has no nutritional value and one should control or exclude its consumption from our diet.

Then we have the ‘middle-pathers’ who will have a more understated approach that everything, including chocolate, should be taken in moderation, particularly certain kinds of chocolate since they have a positive impact on health.

And then there are those who think there is no equivalent to chocolate that exists on earth in terms of taste and that it has many benefits, most of which are under-rated or not widely accepted!

Just as we start to believe that only these 3 kinds of people exist – iQ, a Scottish company whose investor and Chairman is Stephen E Leach, has come out with what they call “Healthy Chocolate” which they refer to as a Super-food.  If chocolate as a healthy option sounds unbelievable, how would one react to Chocolate as a super-food? While according to the American Heart Association. there are no specific parameters that define what is a super-food, in general terms it is usually nutrient-rich food that is extremely beneficial for one’s health. Typically, it is plant-based with a few exceptions.

That does sound revolutionary and path-breaking. Not only that, it sounds impossible to achieve especially if it needs to be done without compromising on the taste and texture.

But the composition that has been shared by iQ seems to be interesting and its possible that this could be a product that changes the whole perception that is associated with chocolate.

The iQ chocolate is completely allergen-free since it has none of the 14 allergens that are known to trigger reactions. Some of the components that are added as core ingredients have the benefit of being superfoods in their own right such as the coconut blossom nectar. To make it even more unique, this seems to be a chocolate that is low on Glycemic Index (this is an index that is used to share the effect of any food, particularly carbohydrates on a person’s blood glucose or sugar level) because it uses dark chocolate along with coconut blossom nectar. So, it seems like the perfect bar for diabetics and that feature itself is a differentiator.

There are a range of chocolate products that iQ has launched with different flavors such as Original Bean-to-Bar, Lusciously Lovely Lime, YogaIQ and so on. Broadly, their chocolate making process involves picking the organic SuperBeans from the trees, fermenting and cleaning them, and finally drying, winnowing and baging them directly at the source. Once they reach the iQ HQ, they are double-cleaned and lightly fermented for 72 hours at low temperatures. They are left to be air-dried naturally. The final steps involve adding the organic, natural flavoring and sweetening the chocolate with organic coconut blossom nectar. Apart from sharing the above aspects of the chocolate making process iQ has also explained its partnership with institutions in the area of health and nutrition. Both these factors have lent credence to their claim about chocolate being a super-food.

As we know, there are very few sweets, desserts or baked goods that can actually boast of such a different brand proposition, where it is not just about retaining your health, but actually about enhancing or boosting it. These are currently available online for those who want to place orders and there have been some reviews on the chocolate from various food reviewers.

That uniqueness is where its beauty lies – no one would have ever imagined that chocolate can be healthy to this extent nor that it could be categorized as a super-food.

By stating categorically that it enhances health just like a super-food would and that it remains delicious just as chocolate should be, iQ has probably launched the “perfect food”. Whether someone ends up eating it for its health benefits or not is yet to be seen. But, we can be sure that there will be enough takers for it from a curiosity perspective. Most people will want to explore the flavors to figure out how a chocolate that is branded as a super-food tastes!

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