Mature teacher assisting her elementary student in using digital tablet during computer class at school.

iPads in schools


Apple has made efforts to promote the use of iPads in schools, including through its “Everyone Can Code” initiative, which provides resources and materials to help schools teach coding using iPads. Apple has also developed a number of educational apps and resources specifically for use on iPads, and has worked with educators to design and develop iPad-based lesson plans and curricula.

Additionally, Apple has made efforts to make iPads more affordable for schools by offering education pricing on its devices and providing financing options for schools to purchase iPads in bulk.

While Apple’s efforts to promote the use of iPads in schools may be beneficial for some schools, it’s important for educators and school administrators to carefully consider the suitability and cost of implementing iPads in their classrooms before making any decisions. It’s also important to consider the potential risks and challenges associated with using iPads in schools, such as concerns around privacy, cyberbullying, and ensuring that students have adequate access to the technology.

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