Havelock ‘Crown of Beaches’
By Nitika Hirani

With stellar splendid seashores, florid flowers, tranquil resorts, unconfined rivers, Havelock is an amalgamation of beauty and serenity. Havelock Island is an entity of Ritchie’s Archipelago. Havelock in true sense is a utopian place. At a great distance from the hustle and bustle of crowded towns and murmuring of city vehicles exists the heaven on Earth. It can be reached via ferry services from the capital of the Union Territory.

Havelock is flooded with euphoria!

Havelock Island is dabbed with many shorelines. Radhanagar Beach was pigeonholed as the ‘best beach in Asia’ in 2004.  Elephant Beach is further north from Radhanagar Beach and is ideal for snorkeling. For adventure junkies, Diving is best suitable at Elephant beach.  Kalapathar Beach is an ideal spot to relax. Tease the waves, play with the waves, Glide in the waves, float in the waves, until a huge wave comes and tosses you head over heels. Drown all the vexations of your life under these curling waves. Sunsets at the beaches provide a picturesque view, a view which would touch your soul.

Unlike Goa, Beaches of Havelock have not been commercialized. If you are a nature lover, then Havelock has a lot to offer. Goa is great, but Havelock is best! So, ditch your Goa trip this season for an incredible destination. With its unblemished shorelines and sky blue waters, Havelock has achieved a tag of illustrious tourist destination.

Snorkeling! Scuba Diving! Overnight Camping! Game Fishing! Sea Walk!

Havelock has something for every personality. The blue waters of Havelock are the dwelling place of the wealthiest coral reef biological community on the planet, recreational scuba divers can spot heterogeneous marine life while diving at the beaches of Havelock. They have plentiful marine life. Don’t forget to take your cameras while diving to capture pictures of unseen water creatures. Barefoot Scuba and Dive India are certified dive centres, which provide short term and long term diving training courses for fascinating and enthralling divers. Havelock will give you an exceptional diving encounter.

Overnight camping and Game Fishing are also popular activities in Havelock Island. Fishing trips coordinators are Experience Andaman, World Sport Fishing and Andaman Sea Fishing. Sea walk permits you to stroll on sea bed at a profundity of around 10 meters. No swimming aptitudes are required and individuals from age 7 to 60 years are allowed to do this recreational activity.

Trek across soothing spots in Havelock!

If you hunger for more adventures and excites, go for a road less travelled by. There are multitudinous treks in Havelock. Resorts like The Wild Orchid Resort and Emerald Gecko Resort also organize treks. There is a short trek through the lavish forests to reach the Elephant beach. The lavish forests give an incredible spark and shine to the eyes of a stopper by. Stop amidst the mystic scenic woods and let the beauty of nature provide calmness to all your senses.

Explore scrumptious cuisines!

A long sea walk and treks would result into a large space in stomach for luscious food. Havelock has a lot in store for epicures. There are many cafes located in Havelock, which would give you a perfect foodie day. B3, Barefoot Bar and Brasserie is a fine multi-cuisine restaurant. It offers a picturesque view and flawless food. Venom (Bar) and Charcoal (Restaurant) at Symphony Palms purvey the best sea food at the island. Red Snapper at the Wild Orchid Resort offers various cuisines. It offers great sea food. White Sand at Radhanagar Beach is an Italian restaurant which offers best pizzas. The full moon café, located in Dive India resort offers best fishes in the town. Clown Fish Café, a restaurant located in Wild Orchid at the Andaman Bubbles Dive Center is famous for its milk shakes.

You don’t choose a destination, but a destination chooses you. Let this wonderland choose you to deliver an experience of lifetime. I can guarantee you this without a shadow of a doubt that you will fall in love with this place. As soon as your stay at Havelock would approach an end, you will crave for more!














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