Generate large prime numbers in a loop


echo "Enter the number of prime numbers to generate:"
read count

# Loop to generate the specified number of prime numbers
for i in $(seq 1 $count);
    openssl prime -generate -bits 2048 >> primes.txt

echo "Prime numbers generated and saved in primes.txt"

This script prompts the user to enter the number of prime numbers to generate, and then uses a loop to generate that number of prime numbers using the openssl prime -generate -bits 2048 command. The -bits 2048 flag specifies that the generated primes should be 2048 bits in length and the result is saved in a file called ‘primes.txt’.

Please note that OpenSSL’s prime command uses a strong random number generator and it is suitable for generating primes of a wide range of lengths but it may take a long time to generate very large prime numbers, depending on the system’s resources and the number of primes to generate.

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