Emily was dressed in her favorite pink dress


It was a beautiful and sunny day. A young girl named Emily was getting ready to board a plane. She was so excited to be taking her first flight ever. She had been dreaming of this moment since she was a little girl and today was the day.

Emily was dressed in her favorite pink dress, white shoes and a white hat. She had a small suitcase filled with all the things she would need on her trip. As she waited in line to board the plane, she looked around in awe at the size of the aircraft and the people boarding it. Emily was a little bit nervous but also very excited.

When it was finally her turn to board, Emily stepped onto the plane and was greeted by the flight attendant. She showed her to her seat and helped her stow her suitcase in the overhead compartment. Emily was amazed at the size of the plane and the number of people that were on board.

Once everyone was settled in their seats, the plane began to taxi down the runway. Emily looked out the window as the plane quickly picked up speed and began to lift off the ground. She was filled with a sense of freedom as the plane rose into the sky.

As the plane soared through the clouds, Emily looked out her window and watched the world below. She saw the mountains, the lakes and the oceans. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the world.

Eventually the plane began to descend and Emily knew that her adventure was coming to an end. When the plane finally touched down, Emily was filled with a sense of accomplishment. She had just taken her first flight ever and it had been an incredible experience.

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