The Creative Arm-Knitting Will Make You Ditch Your Knitting Needles
By Mallika Chakrawati

Knitting needles aren’t always a pre-requisite in the knitting process. We can make do with our hands, arms, and at times, even our fingers! Why discuss knitting at all, you may ask? Knitting is not just something that grandmas do, even though popular perception may be suggestive of that. Almost meditative, knitting can lower your anxiety levels, ease your tension and help you de-stress. I’ve experienced a sense of calm when handling yarns and needles. Therefore, I’m elated to stumble upon the arm-knitting technique, which is a slight variation to the conventional knitting practices we’re familiar with. You’ll be swapping your knitting needles for your arms! It isn’t complicated and if you’re looking to create a lot of scarves in a short window of time, arm-knitting could be your go-to mantra! Working on intricate designs might take a few hours, but you can knit a straight-forward infinity scarf in just 30 minutes! You need to get in the habit or train yourself to handle knitting without needles.

If you’re someone frequenting Pinterest and YouTube for creative DIY craft techniques, you may have come across arm-knitted scarves or blankets. Since arm-knitting is a cool and super-fast DIY skill, you’ll be churning out one creation after the other in no time. Arm-knitted products make for great, handy gifts! Instead of spending a bomb on a gift that your friend might not use, you may gift her an arm-knitted cowl that’ll keep her cozy in the dead of winter.

If you’re an experienced knitter, arm-knitting will be fairly easy to pick up. If you’re new to the practice, you may struggle a bit in the beginning but you’ll soon get involved in the repetition of looping and inter-looping.

Try your hand at a practice scarf first, because you will be likely to make mistakes if this is new to you. Knitting is all about inter-looping of yarn, so the first step is to create large, loose stitches. Ensure that the loops aren’t too lose. Keep your arms together and the yarn between them should be pulled tight.

The basic material you’ll need to get started with is yarn.

We’ll break it down for you in steps.

Step 1:

Create your first stitch by making a slip-knot. Measure 3 yards of yarn and place a slip-knot loop on your wrist. Repeat this step so that you have 6 stitches in a row.

Step 2:

Once you’ve cast on your first row of six stitches, hold up your arm a bit and you’ll notice a triangular shape formed by the yarn. With the working yarn and the other end, you will begin knitting.

Step 3:

Use your pointer finger and thumb and lay out the two sides of the triangle on your palm. Pull over the first piece of yarn over the third piece of yarn, and place the first loop around your wrist. Tighten the loop, and make six such stitches. Each should be of the same size and come off your wrist fairly easily. We move on to knit the body of the scarf.

Step 4:

Your scarf will be made up of subsequent stitches. Lay the working yarn on your palm and take off the first loop closest to your hand. Transfer the newly formed loop to the opposite hand. That’s how you’ll knit your very first stitch. Adjust your stitch or your loop and keep knitting. Repeat the above-mentioned steps, and go back and forth from the right to left hand. Keep adding stitches in the same pattern to knit the remainder of the scarf.

Step 5:

Keep knitting till you get the desired length of your scarf. Once you wish to finish the scarf, make a new row by making the first two stitches. Take the first stitch over the second stitch, and take it off your hands. Once you put on the third stitch, take the second stitch over the third and off your hands. Keep going until you are done and all six stitches are taken off.

Step 6:

We reach the final step. Take the two finished ends and stitch them together to complete your scarf. Stitch the ends from left to right; take one end of the working yarn and wind it through the other end. On coming close to the end, take both pieces of extra yarn and knot them off.

If all goes well, by the end of it, you’ll have a super-cozy infinity scarf! This is of course, just one technique. There are several arm-knitting tutorials you can follow on youtube, and you’ll be knitting a lot more than you think. The possibilities are endless. Check it out.














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