Why Crazy Ex- Girlfriend Should Be on Your Binge-watch List
By Nishtha Sood

CW’s new musical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been on Netflix India for quite some time but it is yet to catch the attention of the 20-something Indians. While this show is quite popular in the United States of America, it has not received the same amount of popularity in India.

One reason for its slow response in India could be that we, Indians, are yet to warm up to a racially diverse show with a predominantly female cast. We have been fed with misogyny all the years, and one show is certainly not going to change it. But that would make for another article, some other day. This article is only to highlight how awesome and sensitive the show is, and why you should watch it, if you haven’t already!

Rachel Bloom, the star of the show, has already been awarded the Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choice Award for her portrayal of Rebecca Bunch- the successful yet deranged lawyer who looks for happiness in the wrong places. Two seasons of this show are up and running on Netflix, and season 3 is already in the pipeline. And trust me, once you finish watching both the seasons, you will, like me eagerly wait for the third one. Yes, the show is marvelous!

It is a musical. There are people who go ‘I don’t like musicals’, ‘musicals are not real’, but this show is nothing like your average run-of-the-mill musical. Basically, what I meant to say is, the show is not like a typical Bollywood drama. It is real. All the songs in this show are just an extension of Rebecca’s distorted imagination. They are not made to look real. You know that everything is happening inside Rebecca’s mind, and in the end, you can’t help but relate to the character. After all, many of us want a song for every situation, don’t we?

And this brings us to the next point. This show has a song for every situation, yes, literally every situation. From thinking that you like someone to admitting that you are a bad person to solving love triangles, the show has a song to every problem.

The show also tries to deal with the issue of mental health without being too preachy or boring or sinister. Though the show has some sad moments, it usually tries to deal with the issue of mental health in a breezy way. We all know Rebecca has problems, serious problems of falling for emotionally unavailable guys, and yet we see ourselves rooting for Rebecca and Josh/Greg, knowing very well that none of the guys would be able to do justice to her. Yes, the show does play with our psychology in a mild way.
The song has a mature bisexual character, so if you are used shows featuring childish gay jokes and subtle homophobia, this series is going to be a series eye-opener. Basically, it will tell you that gay and bisexual people are, well, just ‘people’, like you and me. Not difficult, eh? Bet, you didn’t think about it while laughing at those distasteful jokes.

And lastly, this show depicts female friendships the way they are- beautiful, comforting, and complicated. Most of the shows out there show female friendships the way the guys want them to be- bitchy, overtly sexy, and scandalous. But not this show. The friendships here are honest to the core, and oh-so-real!













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