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Code to create quantum encryption and entanglement

//This code sample demonstrates how to generate quantum encryption and entanglement using Q# and the Qiskit library.

namespace QuantumEncryption 
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Intrinsic;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Canon;
    open Microsoft.Quantum.Math;

    operation GenerateQuantumEncryption () : ((Qubit[],Qubit[]) is Adj+Ctl)
        using (qubitsA = Qubit[2],qubitsB = Qubit[2])
            // Apply the Bell state to the qubits
            Bell(qubitsA[0], qubitsB[0]);
            Bell(qubitsA[1], qubitsB[1]);

            // Apply a Hadamard to each qubit in the first register
            for (i in 0..1) 

            // Apply a CNOT to each qubit in the second register
            for (i in 0..1) 

            // Measure the entangled qubits
            let measA = MResetZ(qubitsA);
            let measB = MResetZ(qubitsB);

            // Create the encrypted key
            let key = (measA,measB);

            // Return the encrypted key
            return key;
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