Cloud-Based PAM Solutions Preferred to On-Premise

Thycotic 2019 RSA Conference Survey found that about 47 percent of security professionals are either using or planning to switch over to PAM solutions in the cloud.

The survey also concluded that cloud-based PAM migration is increasing and suggests that the cloud migration is subject to continue:

  • 21 percent of companies already started hosting cloud as a service or plan to implement such technology.
  • 26 percent are trying to alternate to cloud based PAM solutions while only 39 percent commit to on-premise PAM solution.
  • Cloud-based security solutions are seen as the future. Within a couple of years, increased usage up to 65 percent is foreseen by the companies.

It also revealed in other results from the survey that it is difficult for IT and security teams to explain to the management and daily users how essential the usage of PAM solutions is:

  • 28 percent found it challenging to convince team members to try using PAM solution.
  • 24 percent had difficulties educating the organizations’ leaders.
  • 19 percent blamed it finding a budget for PAM technology.

Companies are encouraged to start using PAM solutions in order to fight against the threat of cyber-attacks on privileged accounts. Even though PAM solutions awareness is enormously increasing, about 85 percent of organizations fail to meet the basic PAM security standards. Luckily the knowledge of PAM technologies is increasing by 66 percent.













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