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When Chocolates Took Centre Stage
By Anirudh Madhav

Hold a piece of chocolate, take a deep whiff, examine its texture and then place it in your mouth. Allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth and just experience pure bliss! Professional chocolate taster and founder of chocolate tasting club, Cocoatrait, L Nitin Chordia was seen instructing a group of enthusiasts at the recently concluded celebrations of World Chocolate Day at The Park Hotel in Chennai. The tasting session was followed by a rather appetizing meal with a chocolatey twist. Chocolates have moved far beyond being a staple dessert ingredient and are making their presence felt in appetizers and main course. We found that out after enjoying a lovely meal that had chocolate at its heart!

The chocolatey spread at The Park, ‘Amuse’ began with a butternut and coconut soup, topped with pistachio slivers and Ecuadorian lemongrass chocolate shavings. The creamy texture of the soup was complimented by the nutty flavor of the butternut and it had a sour tinge from the chocolate shavings. Yes, you heard that right!

The main course comprised of a chicken roulade stuffed with cocoa hazelnut spread and served with sweet potato French fries and chocolate barbecue sauce. The roulade was cooked to perfection and the accompanying chocolate barbecue sauce with a hint of sweetness was a great choice. The chef had creatively used grilled chicken skin dusted with cocoa powder as the covering for the stuffed chicken roulade.

But for us, the highlight of the meal was the dessert, Amaretto Dacquoise mille feuille made with rose chocolate meringue. We simply loved the plating of the dessert along with tiny macaroons and wild berry compote that accompanied the rose-flavored dark chocolate. It was a perfect end to a rather ‘chocolicious meal’!













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