Cartoonist Paul Fernandes Chronicling the Beauty of Old Bangalore
By Ruam M

When TV was not heard of and evening walks were cool and refreshing with very little traffic to think of, Paul Fernandes depicts that period in his work which portrays the pensioner’s paradise/ Bangalore. There were different blooms in different seasons and botanist Gustav Krumbiegel’s efforts showed great result. Ms. Royappa who is a passionate environmentalist mentions how the lake was the reason why Indiranagar twelfth main was an attraction and how she enjoyed walking with her grandfather around the lake, she looked forward to the weekly visits.

Another Bangalorean Mr. Pai recollects the beautiful bungalows in Whitefield and the delicious aromas emerging from them on Sundays. Whitefield was known for the Anglo-Indian community who used to reside mainly in that part of the town during the seventies. Prominent fellow city-dweller Paul Fernandes has recreated the past history of the city in the 1960’s and 1970’s through his work. His was own encounter with nostalgia while his ancestral home was being torn down which led to his creativity outburst which resulted in capturing flavours of the past of Bengaluru. He then went on to create a series of 75 paintings and sketches. In the 1970’s the Bangalore Club was truly a warm and hospitable place, everyone knew the other and it was the perfect meeting place to relax and catch up with familiar faces.

There was a sense of relaxed camaraderie and sense of community among the members. The current scenario in Bangalore Club is often the scramble to find a parking spot especially during an event and then rushing to grab a good seat to watch the performances. The scramble for watching a performance or listening to a live band has been the recent wave of change in the city, the slow unhurried pace is being replaced by urgency and speed.

The Coffee House in Mg Road was the favourite haunt of the journalists in the city. The hot omelettes with coffee would beckon many a hungry soul. Then there was the unmistakeable bonding that led to discussions about newspaper content and headlines while the efficient staff whipped countless cups of filter coffee. The Coffee House that exists today has shifted to Churchstreet and the butter is not the only thing that seems lesser on the toasted bread, the shift has resulted in staff changes and the nostalgia seems to be missing.

The barbers in the seventies apparently were famous for their standard hair cut and they were the reason why the entire row of people living in a neighbourhood had the same appearance. There is no reason to feel sad if you have missed documenting or even living in the city during any of those years. Paul has a wonderful store in Bangalore in Richards Town called APaulogy which stocks merchandise like coasters, bookmarks, spectacle cases, tiny cards, bags, they also have books and paintings which can be bought online as well through the website. Shop away and smile as you recollect the magic of the garden city.













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