Macro view of miner working for bitcoins mine pool. Devices and technology for mining cryptocurrency. Mining cryptocurrency concept. Bitcoin mining company got hacked and $700K stolen


The hackers siphoned digital assets worth $700,000 owned by’s clients and nearly $2.3 million in asset value.

The Company reported this incident to law enforcement authorities in Shenzhen, China. Due to coordination locally and within the Company internally, some of’s digital assets have already been secured. On December 23rd, 2022, the authorities had launched an investigation, began collecting evidence, and had requested assistance from and coordination with relevant agencies. The Company will devote considerable efforts to recover the stolen digital assets.

In the wake of discovering this cyberattack, the Company has implemented technology to better block and intercept hackers. is currently operating its business as usual, and apart from its digital asset services, its client fund services are unaffected.

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