Autonomous Vehicles Continue to be Doubted for Safety

Many non-premium consumers have purchased and used cars that are enabled with semi-automated features lately. As a recent updation in technology, driverless automated cars have been tested and are almost ready to hit the market. The consumers still seem cautious about autonomous vehicles as they have had bad experiences with semi- automated features such as parking assistance and automated highway driving which are existing and have come across crashes of the tested self-driving vehicles for which no responsibility was taken by the producers.

The lack of trust in technology could be blamed for such disbelief over automated vehicles as the satisfaction based on experience over the semi- automated vehicles are found reducing. The ‘traffic-jam assist’ feature used to help the driver with alternate routes during a traffic-jam can be sometimes cumbersome. The driver needs to check in every ten seconds in order to get the updates which is found to reduce the spirit of driving.

Another confusing feature like the handoff can leave drivers puzzled, and dealers also find it difficult to explain such features to potential consumers. American Automobile Association (AAA) recently found that the technical terms and names of the features are different, which results in less favorable response from dealers and customers.

Consumers find it bizarre when it comes to the automation of public transports such as taxis. The usefulness of accessibility and functionality seems to be an impending question, however dealers opt not to comment. Consumer doubts and the dealers’ lack of clarity could be the reason for the reduced interest on automated vehicles.













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