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Apple Homepod: Music Reimagined
By Mujtaba Faqih

Apple unveiled the Homepod, a new generation speaker at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference recently and one can say that this new product is truly a design and technological marvel. But what is it that makes it so unique? The inspiration behind the design was to create something light, highly portable and which works as a home assistant to the customers. As described at the launch, the Homepod was going to “reinvent music” in homes. The technology incorporated to construct the Homepod makes it more than just a speaker. With a height of 6.8 inch and a width of 5.6 inch, the Homepod weighs just around 2.5 kg but it packs more ammo within. The speaker system is made up of 7 tweeters, which are placed in a circular pattern at the bottom, inside of the speaker frame. Each tweeter is powered by its own magnetic driver and the arrangement helps the Homepod to become an omnidirectional speaker. Moreover, the 4-inch woofer is placed above the 7 tweeters, facing upwards and is powered by a motor which helps to control the air flow so that even when the volume is turned up, the output will be distortion free. The Homepod is cylindrical with a mesh around it and has a major USP – Siri, and Siri is always listening. So, whenever a command is uttered, the small LED screen at the top of the Homepod will generate a wave form which imitates the voice command. The A8 chip helps the speaker to perform various other tasks apart from just playing music and Siri is there to assist. Any information about the song being played can be obtained simply by asking Siri. The voice command enabled system of the Homepod will allow any song to be played just by naming it. Songs can be paused or played just by tapping on top of the Homepod. Volume can also be adjusted by tapping at the top. The cylindrical shape of the speaker helps to fit into any corner and those who use it will not have to worry about the position of the speaker affecting the volume. The Homepod is designed to sense the surroundings it is placed in and is thus able to provide the best output based on the surroundings. So even if it is kept near a wall, the audio output will be superior. The device is equipped with Apple Music support, which enables access to around 40 million songs and around 2 million artists. With the help of Siri, any music search can easily be filtered. Depending upon the person’s taste in music, the Apple Music program will learn the preferred genres and provide preferences based on those genres. Besides, if more Apple devices are being used in the same home, then Apple Music will sync the music related information on all the other Apple Devices. When Apple said that the Homepod was going to reinvent music, it meant it. The Homepod is Wi-Fi enabled with the help of which you can just ask what the temperature outside is and even get the latest news and weather info. Apple also claims to integrate other home devices with the Homepod so that these devices can be controlled through voice command, which is picked up by the six far-field microphones and another microphone for low frequencies. With the official launch of the Homepod, the comparison between the device and the other similar devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home was inevitable. The Homepod is priced at $349 while the Echo is available at $180 and Google Home is much cheaper at $129. Predictably, the Homepod received criticism for its high price. However, Apple’s emphasis is on the quality of the audio output, which many critics have given a thumbs up to and this has certainly raised the credibility of the device. Another disappointment awaiting those who would go for the speaker is that the device will only work with Apple Music unlike the Echo and Home which offer many other music support systems like Spotify and Pandora. The Homepod is set to hit the markets in the next coming months, thus its success cannot be accurately predicted at the current stage. But surely Apple has its followers who may just rush to the retail stores to get the device just like they rushed to grab the latest iPhones.













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