An entire country got hacked this week


ANOTHER DAY AND ANOTHER HACK. An entire country got hacked this week. Yes, you heard it right. Every person in this country got hacked. OMG! ?

Cybercriminals took down the entire country Pacific island, Vanuatu. The Vanuatu’s government has been shutdown offline for more than 11 days after a suspected cyberattack on servers in the country.

What happened?

The hack has disabled the websites of the Pacific island’s parliament, police and prime minister’s office. It has also taken down the email system, intranet and online databases of schools, hospitals and other emergency services as well as all government services and departments.

The shutdown has left the nation’s population – about 315,000 people living across several islands – scrambling to carry out basic tasks like paying tax, invoicing bills and getting licences and travel visas.

Note: If you take out the government internet… it affects everything. You want to do shipping? You’ve got to get stuff through approvals through customs. It affect airlines. It affects the health system – there isn’t one bit of it that’s unaffected.
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