The Story Behind Amrut
By Ruam M

The story of Amrut is an unconventional one, and truly every entrepreneur’s dream. One evening, Rakshit Jagdale walked into one of the world famous pubs in Glasgow with a few bottles of Amrut tucked into a bag. He convinced the owner to conduct a blind tasting session, and the rest they say is history. Many of the regulars at the pub could not guess where the alcohol was from and commented on how great it tasted. The owner loved it and instantly asked Rakshit how soon he could send them more. This was the first step, albeit a tiny one, but one which kicked off the incredibly successful journey for the whiskey.

Amrut Single Malt Whisky was launched, with much aplomb, in 2004 in Glasgow. It was rated highly by Jim Murray, an English writer, and journalist best known for his observations on whiskey, who tasted it and loved every sip of it. Jim Murray went on to mention it in detail in his Whisky Bible 2010. It competed against 4,000 other whiskeys to earn this truly special accolade. Therefore, it was not surprising when Harrods in London decided to stock it, the only Indian whiskey to have made it to their ‘Around the World’ section. Today, there are eleven variants existing. The Amrut Fusion brand has gained immense market recognition and is a popular choice for many. It is now available in Goa and Bangalore in India.

What makes Amrut so special and distinctive is the fact that every bottle has been thought through carefully, and is a product of extensive research and development. Each is different in flavor. They are matured in India and Scotland. The barley, which is a key ingredient, is sourced mainly from the north of India and also from Scotland. The ingredients are of the finest quality and are chosen with care, lending a distinctive characteristic to the whisky.

The company takes a lot of pride in continuously innovating the key elements that affect the taste of the final product. The three primary ingredients in making whiskey are barley, yeast, and water, and some of the water is sourced from the Himalayas, so it truly is Indian. Putting Indian whiskey on the global map is definitely a proud moment for Indian whiskey lovers across the globe. Sought after at parties and corporate black tie dinners, ‘Amrut’ means elixir of life and definitely, lives up to its meaning.













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