AI Can Now Detect Cheating In Assignments And Identify Fake News
Nausheen Shehnaz

Ever since the invention of the internet, students’ lives were made easier with everything being a click away. The internet has been a useful tool for students, but it has also made cheating and plagiarism easy, which becomes a tedious process for professors and lecturers to analyze each student’s paper. The University of Copenhagen’s Department of Computer Science has adopted artificial intelligence to detect cheating on assignments. Scientists can now with nearly 90% accuracy, detect whether a student’s assignment is authentic or if it has been written by a ghostwriter.

Schools in Denmark use the Lectio platform to identify if a student has handed in plagiarized work or if it has been copied from previously submitted assignments. The major written assignment that Danish students write in their final year counts for double and students have gone to the extent of tendering their writing assignments on Den Blå Avis, a classified Danish website. Ghostwriter is a program that has been built on branches of artificial intelligence like machine learning and neural networks that are used for recognizing patterns in texts and images. A dataset of 130,000 written assignments from over 10,000 different high school students made by MaCom has been made available to Ghostwriter project researchers at the Department of Computer science. In a report, Stephan Lorenzen said, “I think that it is realistic to expect that high schools will begin using it at some point. But before they do, there needs to be an ethical discussion of how the technology ought to be applied. Any result delivered by the program should never stand on its own, but serve to support and substantiate a suspicion of cheating.”

The technology has proven to be useful not just in schools and institutions but it also helps analyze Twitter tweets and determine whether they had been written by users or paid imposters or robots. Developers have openly discussed the idea of teaming up with the police force to analyze forged documents which is usually a task carried out by forensic document examiners.














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