5 Delightful Ways to Take Pesto Beyond Pasta
By Trijai Nerthi

What does it take to love a notoriously fine, pestle ground Pesto? All the passion your heart could ever hold!

Making its way from the legendary sauce pots of West Italy, Pesto has taken over the culinary world with its unceasing versatility and unfading aroma.

As the popular opinion goes, Pesto might be pasta’s best friend, but we’ve come up with an array of culinary treats that go even better with a revolutionary blend of this wonder sauce. Read, experiment and relish endlessly!

Gnocchi with Pesto and String Beans

Airy, light and tender Potato Gnocchi tossed in fragrant basil Pesto along with a handful of crunchy spring beans is all you need to have a hearty start to an exciting new year ahead.

From making them by hand to slathering them with a remarkably aromatic sauce, every bite of this classic yet luxurious combination will blow your mind. In fact, we think this is what ideal last meals should be made of.

Pesto Bruschetta

Is the classic Bruschetta too mainstream for you? We thought so!

Now, you can spruce up your brunch bite dreams by spreading a generous spoonful of pestle ground Pesto over a slice of freshly baked baguette right before you top it off with diced juicy tomatoes and some fine cheese.

Trust us, revamping this classic snack is the best decision you will be making all year long.

Zoodles with Pesto

Long, luscious strands of twirly Zucchini uniformly coated with aromatic Pesto and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese is what the royals of the raw empire have for lunch every day.

Also, this grub-worthy green combination is proof that health met yum one fine day and fell head over heels in love just so that we could get healthier with no compromise on taste, this year.

Three Cheese Pesto Truffle Pizza

A succulent flatbread is glazed with a ladle full of green and glorious Pesto only to be topped off with Mozzarella, Ricotta, Brie, Exotic Truffle and red onions before they get served onto your plate looking like a million dollars. You have to be crazy to say no to this irresistibly extravagant Pizza. This the kind of royal indulgence that should get an automatic five star from the esteemed Michelin system of rating.

Crumbed Chicken Breasts with Pesto

Even Martha Stewart would go weak in the knees for a large serving of this utterly delicious panko-crusted pesto chicken. Believe me; these fragrant, crunchy, golden fillets are undoubtedly the be all and end all of your significant relationship with wholesome and delectable food.













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