10 facts about ____ that will make you go ‘h



Here are 10 facts about psychology that will make you go hmmm:

1. The average person only uses 10% of their brain power.

2. The brain is capable of forming new connections, or neural pathways, even in old age.

3. Exercise can improve brain function.

4. Memory is not a perfect recorder; it is subject to distortions and errors.

5. Our emotions influence our decisions more than we realize.

6. The “halo effect” is a psychological phenomenon whereby people tend to judge others based on one positive trait (i.e., if they are good-looking, we assume they are also intelligent and successful).

7. First impressions are often inaccurate.

8. People are often more influenced by their peers than by experts.

9. We are susceptible to a variety of cognitive biases that distort our thinking.

10. Psychology can help us to understand and change our behavior.

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